New England Construction Permits


Making sense of the Construction permit process in New England can be daunting, confusing and at times outright overwhelming. With so many specifications, rules and regulations, only a seasoned and experienced company in New England like Aaron Construction Services has the expertise to navigate through this maze of a process.


The contractors, engineers, architects and property owners of New England turn to Aaron Construction services to secure all their Construction code needs. Our approach is comprehensive and thorough. We do the Construction code research; we offer code compliance reviews and all other steps to get your Construction permit to you as quickly as possible. We know the whole procedure inside out and we take a hand on approach to the task at hand.


We ourselves are fully licensed in the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. We follow every minor detail every step of the way. From consulting with those applying for the permit to delivering the final permit and drawings to the responsible client, Aaron construction services are there every step of the way. We are also able to engage in inspections required by each state to make sure that the job is being done according to code and we can file for final Certificates of Occupancy. New England's contractors, engineers, architects and property owners can always rely on Aaron Construction Services to do all the paperwork necessary at an affordable price.


Aaron Construction Services offers assistance in applying for fast track Construction permits, long form Construction, foundation, fire department, construction, short forms, demolition permits and certificates of occupancy. We have been working with the people of New England for over fifty years and we have dealt with countless customers requiring all manners of permit assistance. Aaron Construction Service should be the first call and most important step any builder, architect and engineer should take before executing their projects.


Securing Commercial and Residential Construction Permits in New England

  • Over 50 years of experience in the construction trades applying for permits for general contractors, architects, engineers, corporations, developers and home owners.
  • For your convenience we are fully licensed in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.
  • All types of Construction permits
  • Certificates of occupancy
  • Various agency permits which includes fire department


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